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Boa Vista

“The Island of Beaches and Sand Dunes”

Boa Vista, like Sal and Maio, is one of the archipelago’s world-renowned “beach islands.” Because of these three islands’ much older geological age, they have been eroded down to flat patches of sand, just barely above sea level. But where there’s sand, there are beaches. Thus Boa Vista is home to some of the best in the world, with fine, white sand that creeps below stunningly turquoise waters around almost the entire circumference of the semi-circular island.

Boa Vista is less saturated with tourism than neighboring Sal, but it is still home to many signs of ex-pat influence and development in the touristic sector. Here, on the nation’s least densely populated island, you will find four-star, all-inclusive resorts as well as simple and quaint villas. Whatever your budget, Boa Vista is a wonderful place to experience the laid-back beach vibe of the Islands.

Ride a horse through the surf, have a cocktail at sunset, and watch the loggerhead sea turtles nest (if they are in season). Explore the dunes in the island’s interior and head back to the coast in time for a campfire on the beach. All of these activities and then some are in store on this, the island so named as a “beautiful view” by the Portuguese sailors who first sighted it in the 15th century.