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Have you traveled with us? Tell us how much you loved your adventure to Cape Verde.

Below are just a few comments from past clients, as well as others who, like us, have fallen in love with the Islands… 


“I also just wanted to say a special thank you to AITA for coordinating the logistics of our trip, and for checking in on us. We really had a great time and I plan to come back in the future. I travel a lot and I felt so at home in Cape Verde in a way that I haven’t felt in any other place that I’ve been to so far. I think it’s the combination of African, Lusophone, and Caribbean-like qualities that really resonate with me there.”

Tiara, Washington, DC (via Morocco) 


“AITA put together two great trips for me recently. In the first, AITA coordinated lodging and translators in Praia, Cape Verde’s capitol, for a major US university group of 27 people. AITA provided considerable advice, coordination, and follow-up before, during, and after the trip. I would wholeheartedly recommend AITA for large group trips. On the second trip, AITA booked flights to/from and hotels on Fogo, the majestic volcano island for three friends and me. Again, AITA did an admirable job. We stayed in a lovely B&B in São Filipe, Fogo. Due to AITA’s excellent service, TACV (Cape Verdean national airline) even notified us when it cancelled and rescheduled our flight back to Praia. I cannot praise AITA enough for its excellent planning and personal service. I would recommend a trip to Cape Verde to anyone, and to let AITA take care of the details.”

Andrew, Ann Arbor, Michigan  


“Cape Verde is a great place for a quiet, relaxing holiday for just about anybody.  Each island has something for all kinds of travelers.  Santo Antão is quiet and remote with some gorgeous hikes through green valleys.  While just across the strait is São Vicente with a cute festive city with a more vibrant night life with live music and dancing.  You’ll probably be able to find most things you’d want for a vacation here as well as some fun stories to tell your friends when you get back.”

Jesse, USA


“AITA planned a fantastic trip for us after our time in Praia. Mindelo was a great place and a very different slice of Cape Verdean culture than we saw in the capital.  I loved our time in Santo Antão!  We had a wonderful tour guide, and the sights were amazing.  I’m really glad we were able to see such different parts of Cape Verde, and we wouldn’t have been able to pull it off without all the great help and planning from Rob.  Muito obrigada!”

Allison, Michigan, USA


“The best part about Cape Verde is that it’s like 10 different countries packed into one. Every island’s got a really different feel… different reasons to visit and different reasons to want to stick around. I loved Mindelo (São Vicente), mostly because of all the great live music. It’s not hard to find a good place to eat with a band playing without having to pay a cover charge. There’s also some gem restaurants scattered around the island. My personal favorite is La Bodeguita de Mindelo, with everything from Senegalese Yassa, French Crepes to Italian Bruschetta to Spanish Omelettes… and MOJITOS!!! If your willing to spend a little, definitely check out the Santo Andre Bistro out by the Airport in São Pedro.

That’s just a taste though, every island’s got its treasures. The Volcano on Fogo. The Flowers and natural tide pools of Brava. The beaches of Boa Vista. My absolute favorite spot in the country is the town of Cidade Velha, just outside the capital city of Praia on the island of Santiago. The town is best know for fortress/ruins/museum, but the whole place has an energy and a beauty that will make it hard to leave.

I hope you make it there soon!”

Drew, Oakland, California


“AITA put together a fantastic trip where I was able to spend 7 days with a friend on the island of Santiago. If it wasn’t the black sand beaches, the teal ocean water, and the incredible food, it must have been the extremely welcoming community and beautiful culture that stole my heart. Cape Verde is one of my favorite destinations in the world and I am only counting the days until I can be back there.

I would recommend staying longer and going to more than one island. I hear that each island has a very unique and distinct culture of its own.

Thanks AITA :-)”

Nicky, Huntington Beach, California