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Sample trip

From hiking the volcano on Fogo, to sampling home-brewed artisanal grogue (sugar cane rum) on Santo Antão…from basking in the sun on a secluded beach on Maio to dancing the night away during Carnaval (Mardi Gras) on São Vicente, AITA has all the tools and contacts necessary to make sure your island adventure is truly that: an adventure.

Based in both Cape Verde and the United States, AITA is strategically poised to bridge the gap between the Islands and the world at large.

Since we know the ins and outs of Cape Verde, we are uniquely able to craft travel packages that best meet your interests and preferences, and at reasonable prices. In fact, we will custom build your Cape Verdean adventure.

We offer many services, including customized packages, air, sea, and ground transfers, domestic flight tickets, guided tours, and hotels.

Here is just one spectacular example of the adventures that can be had in Cape Verde…

“Sun, Culture + Mountains” (10 days): Visit the islands of Santiago, São Vicente, Santo Antão, and Sal with prices starting from USD$1060* per person (lower prices for groups of four or more).

Day 1: Santiago – São Vicente

After a brief stop at Santiago’s international airport we take the short flight to the cultural capital of Cape Verde, Mindelo, São Vicente. Fresh-caught dinner is accompanied by live traditional music, the perfect welcome to this special place.

Day 2: São Vicente

In the morning, we are guided through the colorful seaside city. With the smell of the ocean in the air and the sounds of music surrounding us, we make our way through the town’s marketplaces and tiny cobblestone streets. After lunch, we explore the rest of the island.

Day 3: São Vicente – Santo Antão

Early in the morning we take the ferry to the neighboring island of Santo Antão, a different world. We make our way through the mountaintops, looking down into the spectacular green valleys and exploring the towns along the way. A delightful dinner is the perfect way to end the day.

Day 4: Santo Antão

This island’s mountains are some of the archipelago’s most impressive sights. Exploring the valleys on foot and walking through sugar cane groves past papaya and banana trees, hikers enjoy pristine natural landscapes and almost otherworldly vistas.

Day 5: Santo Antão – São Vicente

Spend the morning exploring town, listening to the ocean crash upon the shore, or visiting the local liquor distillery making grogue, which by now you probably have had a chance to try.

In the afternoon we make our way back to São Vicente, where we can enjoy a night out on the town listening to music or strolling through the main plaza.

Day 6: São Vicente – Sal

Time for us to head to the beach! Sal Island is known for its spectacular coastline…and it’s just waiting for us to jump in.

Day 7: Sal

Kick off your shoes, walk along the white sand beaches, and have a dip in the crystal blue waters.

Day 8: Sal

Walk around the streets on Santa Maria. This relaxed beach town is the perfect place to grab a gelado or a small lunch before heading back the turquoise waters. If your’re feeling adventurous, learn to windsurf or head outside the main town to see the rest of the island.

Day 9: Sal – Santiago

Making our way back to Santiago, we have some time to explore the historical old city before the despedida – your going away party! Although it has been a short trip, you will surely start to feel the oncoming sodade that fuels Cape Verdean morna.

Day 10: Santiago

In the mid-afternoon we make our way back to the airport and say goodbye…for now.

*Does not include international airfare, which can vary depending on the season and your original point of departure. Keep in mind that this is just a sample adventure; if you’re on a budget, we can make sure you get the utmost bang for your buck. After all, we were Peace Corps Volunteers, so we know how to travel on the cheap and have a blast doing it.