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Loggerhead sea turtles, green sea turtles and leather-back sea turtles

Blue whales, bridled dolphin, Atlantic spotted dolphin

Green monkeys

Birds of Cape Verde

A full list of the 189 species can be found here:
(those in bold are endangered)

  • Alexander’s Swift
  • Cape Verde Barn-Owl
  • Grey-headed Kingfisher
  • Cape Verde Buzzard
  • Cape Verde Kite
  • Cape Verde Lesser Shearwater
  • Cape Verde Purple Heron
  • Cape Verde Shearwater
  • Cape Verde Sparrow 
  • Cape Verde Swamp-Warbler
  • Greater Cape Verde Kestrel
  • Lesser Cape Verde Kestrel
  • Razo Lark
  • Cape Verde Petrel
  • Band-rumped Storm-Petrel
  • Bulwer’s Petrel
  • Cream-color Couser
  • Red-billed tropicbird
  • White-faced storm-petrel